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The main characters of The Rocky Horror Picture Show are quirky, fun, exccentric and irresistable! This original cast of characters will captivate you and you'll be hooked on the first look!

  • Brad Majors (A hero) - Brad Majors, a young ordinary, somewhat geeky man who has been known to tape presidential speeches, is one of our main characters. He lives in Denton, Ohio, and is engaged to Janet Wiess. Brad is first seen in the wedding scene of the movie and musical, and expressed his love for Janet in the song "Dammit, Janet." He shows no fear in front of Janet, to comfort her. And when...confronted by Frank-N-Furter, enjoyed it. Brad has been described as "gay, and bad at hiding it."
  • Janet Weiss (A herione) - Janet Wiess, a young, ordinary, beautiful woman, is another main character. She lives in Denton, Ohio, and is engaged to Brad Majors. She is first seen in the wedding scene of the movie and musical. Janet had always been a good girl, until a recent affair with Frank-N-Furter. Now all she wants to know, is "how to go," and now that she's tasted blood, she wants more. And she gets what she wants, manipulating Frank's creation, Rocky. Now, Janet is often described as the slut.
  • Doctor Frank-N-Furter (A mad scientist) - Frank-N-Furter is just a "sweet Transvestite, from Transsexual, Transylvania." He lives in a castle just outside Denton with his handyman, Riff Raff, domestic (sister of Riff Raff) Magenta and groupie, Columbia. He is a mad scientist and a bi man- he just likes sex. His most recent (and only known) creation is a muscular and handsome man named Rocky Horror. Frank is the most eccentric character, and his humor is often twisted and crude. He is not afraid to kill anyone (or eat them, for that matter!) as he killed Eddie, his ex-delivery boy and test subject.
  • Riff Raff (A handyman) - Riff Raff is a loyal and faithful handyman from the planet Transsexual, in the galaxy Transylvania. He wants nothing more than his master's happyness, because any and all insubordinate behavior will be punished harshly. Riff Raff is an average height mad with stringy, thinning blonde hair and an evil grin. Riff Raff and his sister, Magenta, have an unhealthly close relationship that some would consider sexual.
  • Magenta (A domestic) - Magenta is an average height domestic with out-of-control, curly, long reddish brown hair. She is from the planet Transsexual, in the galaxy Transylvania. Her job is simple, keep the castle clean and prepare all meals. And wait on Frank hand and foot. Cater to his every whim. Magenta is fond of her brother Riff Raff, and can be seen laughing at the other's misery. She is close friends with Columbia. Magenta is not afraid to put her foot down to get her point across, and will be pushy or rude to get what she wants. Both her and her brother share a passion for their home planet. They long to return to the moon-drenched shores of their beloved planet, sweet Transsexual, land of night.
  • Columbia (A groupie) - Columbia is the bright red haired groupie that is the human exception to Frank's entourage. She has a high-pitched, squeaky voice. She loves to dance and sing. Columbia has been torn between her two loves. Eddie, whom she ALMOST loved, and Frank, whom she adores. Columbia fell madly in love with Frank, only to later find that it had achieved nothing, and Frank would never return her love for him.
  • Rocky (A creation) - Rocky was created by Frank to serve one purpose, to relieve Frank's tension. Rocky is considered the "eye-candy" of the movie and musical. He has conflicting views on his creator , as expressed in the scenes "Planet Schmanet, Janet," "Toucha Toucha Touch Me," and the final scence where Frank is killed.

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